Dec. 21st, 2004

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Hurrah for global warming!

More drama on the work front. Yesterday I come in to find out a coworker's been fired. As I thought about what I would say about this on my LiveJournal, it occured to me that I probably shouldn't be mentioning names and the like. It just seems like a polite thing to do right now. Anyway, C. was very depressed about it, because he'd never fired anyone before in 25 years of owning the Bookshop. He usually got D. to do it, or they end up leaving. Now we're massively understaffed...again, though we hired a woman earlier to do internet stuff. Now it looks like we'll be bringing her out to take care of the sections that have been dropped. Hey, that was my in. She isn't sure she wants to quite her other job at the local Montessori school, but...she probably will. I mean, it's Dickson Street Bookshop for crying out loud.

The fatigue has settled in to a fair depression, and that means I'm going to be overly-worried and hypersensitive for a good bit. It also makes me pretty damned weepy. I cried over Philip Glass, and the Postal Service (emo points for me), and even Dave Matthews throughout the course of the morning. If I somehow manage to cut myself on the CD as I'm making it, I'll be able to say blood, sweat and tears went into this. Hah! Bad jokes are the surest sign of a depressive mind. I don't even have the satisfaction of cleaning the bathroom because Kutztown already did it. I mean, horrors. How mortifying is it that your guest comes over to clean your bathroom? What's worse, it seems to be this trend. I'm sure that says something about the state of our little bachelor pad. :P

I'm going to try an experiment with couscous today in preparation of trying it out for Christmas. Talking with [ profile] joshuwain earlier, I was able to come up with a kind of couscousy dish that sounds really good for being so simple. Couscous with pan-fried carrots, celery and garlic, mixed with chicken. I'm not sure whether baking the chicken or pan-frying it would be best...probably the latter. I'll probably get everything ready for it on Wednesday so I can cook it Thursday night. Hmm.

Not much else to report, honestly. I'm going to try the whole writing thing before getting to work. :)

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