Dec. 20th, 2004

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Another week, another weekend I've had to work. I'm getting really tired.

I really wish I could take a vacation from people in general for a little bit, but today I have to work, and then I have to change my schedule tomorrow because of a coworker's court date (which means I won't be home until late again), and *then* I have to wake up early on Wednesday to do it all over again. Sigh. I'm being run into the ground here, and it's just one of those things that's no one's fault. Heidi's life is crazy, and every once in a while it falls apart so she has to take time off work to pull it together. This time, the judicial system is 'helping' her do it. Erika just didn't show up on Saturday, so I had to pull an extra six hours there. And so on, and so on.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could use the extra time to get ahead on various projects. There's a big hole in Religion now where an almost-complete set of The Pulpit Commentary was and I could really stand to re-arrange the section and straighten it so there's breathing room. I made a hole in Biology/Evolution/Zoology through sheer force of will, but I have to straighten Botany/Trees and Agriculture before the ultimate goal of fitting a half-shelf's worth of Gardening books into the section can be reached. Cooking is a mess, so is Travel, so is Law, Mythology, Native Americans, Black Studies and Maritime. I could stand to make room in Poetry, too. The trouble is, I can't do *any* of this because I'm using all of the extra time just to tread water; Charles has been pricing books still while Don's on vacation, and I'm getting metric fucktons of Poetry and Photography that I have to figure out something to do with. OH yes, and Quilting and Craft books that will take ages to move.

I keep thinking if I can just make it to this weekend, everything will be OK. But then I worry that I'll be too sucked-dry to actually *enjoy* Christmas, and I'm certainly not going to find the time (or the money) to do what I'd like to make a good impression on Tube's family. Bugger it all.

Man, I wish I could blow work off today. It's worrying when I'm one of the most stable people they've got. <:) Odis and Silver and Delphi and I exchanged presents over the weekend. I got the Book of Exalted Deeds from Odis, The Quintessential Paladin and a small drum from Silver and Delphi. :) Thanks guys. :D Because of work and general burnout/procrastination, Boomer Express has only been updating in fits and starts, and I'm sorry for that. I think it really detracts from the story to have three comics, and two days of filler material, and it's pretty much my fault. I'm going to do my best to catch up this week, but eh, no guarantees. I could really stand to clean my room; I'll probably do that tomorrow, along with the bathroom. It's very odd to me that there are these two impulses that rise up almost simultaneously when I think about cleaning things I share with other people. One is anger at the other person for not doing it, and the other is just...acceptance that the deed needs to be done and getting angry won't solve anything. I'm not angry enough to complain, but not content enough to let it slide. I usually let it slide for peace's sake. There's a lot of stuff in my head, but I never have time or energy to write it down. This is very frustrating, because now work is affecting my ability to be creative, which is more or less a cardinal sin. If I could take off work for a bit and not do anything, that would be ideal. I hate the feeling that I'm running on empty.

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