Nov. 27th, 2004

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I was incredibly pissed off by Odis' game on Friday night, and I think I just discovered what it was that got to me so much.

There seems to be a general trend among peers and friends that people who subscribe to the idea of good are almost universally branded stupid, retarded, gullible, witless, shallow and vain. Folks who have a moral code that they live by are almost universally mocked or questioned or otherwise given a hard time, and people seem to delight in poking holes in things they believe in. Generally, self-serving, funny or 'practical' things are lauded as the only worthwhile things to maintain.

Especially in gamer circles this is evident; games like White Wolf's World of Darkness lines have gotten increasingly 'evil' or power-oriented, leaving the original crux of the game (usually questions of morality in a seemingly amoral/anti-moral world) very little room to be played out. In Dungeons and Dragons, the paladins, knights and clerics are usually mocked and belittled while the most popular characters tend to be antiheroes (Drizzt and Raistlin, anyone?).

It just occurred to me how weary I've gotten of playing and interacting with folks who don't even attempt to see the value in morals or positive, good things. Granted, I don't make the best case for it *all* the time, but can't a fellow who just wants to do the right thing get a break every now and then? I'm getting continually shafted for sticking to a moral code, and it's finally wearing thin. Yeah, I'm being whiny. Go me. :)

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