Nov. 14th, 2004

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With all the drama over Mom still going on, and a significant part of my budget over the last few months going to her, I haven't been able to save any money for the trip to Australia proposed over the summer. Things are starting to look a little desperate.

If anyone has any suggestions for flying cheaply overseas, I would *love* to hear them now -- most (I'd say up to 3/4 of the trip costs) if not all of the cost will be for arranging transportation; getting to AnthroCon, and from there to Salt Lake City, and from there to Australia. A Greyhound to PA would be all right enough, I think, though I'll have enough baggage there's bound to be a bit of extra cost. :/

Also, if anyone knows of a good part-time work-at-home opportunity, PLEASE let me know; it could be doing reviews for an upstart magazine/journal/newspaper, proof-reading, envelope licking, anything. I don't have a car and that limits what other jobs I might be able to get rather severely.

I don't mean to complain, or even come across as complaining; I'm just starting to get very worried about my chances at doing this. Any help that could be given to get me back at my feet would be greatly appreciated.

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