Oct. 8th, 2004

jakebe: (RL)
For some reason, today I am bewildered. I was surprised by my alarm clock and I don't think I've quite recovered from the shock. Normal phrases like "Good morning." or "There's coffee." make no sense to me, and I'm pretty sure I'm typing this to a spiny cucumber with an anteater's tongue, who pauses to relay this into binary between scooping up the fire-ants on the floor.

Maybe I shouldn't read Johnathan Lethem before going to bed.

Regardless of my more-than-discombobulated state, I shall press on throughout the day. Long day of work, followed by a bank deposit, maybe two if I am feeling particularly rich, and then top-secret doings that maybe certain people will know about if they're in the right place at the right time. For those who aren't as temporally exact, well, you're not missing much anyway. <:) After that, Odis' game; I don't *know* if I'm enjoying the game or not, but I am finding it interesting, which is the next best thing. My head is literally exploding with all kinds of weird and disconnected images; the faces of hags coming through an orange-grey mist, with a shrieking younger woman who looks like a cross between any mother and Marilyn Monroe, blaming me for the breakage of time; a kitchen in the middle of an apple orchard, that's being invaded by babies blowing bubbles inside bigger bubbles large enough to hold them...and they may look cute but at some point those bubbles turn into fire and the place is going to burn down; a mermaid taking a bath in Sherri's claw-foot bathtub, trying to pull anyone who happens to see her in. I kind of feel like the writer at the end of Neil Gaiman's "Calliope," where the King of Dreams punishes him by giving him too many ideas to say legitimately sane. It's a great feeling; the Muse is being mean and kind. :) This is what tends to happen when I get too comfortable expressing myself. Hmm. Maybe I should run a Changeling game. :P

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