Sep. 8th, 2004

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Most of the time, subject lines are random bits of poem floating through my head without other lines to befriend them. And sometimes, when I'm not quite so spacy, song lyrics. Sometimes, an amalgamation of the two. :)

Work has been all right, but mainly work. Actually, I take that back. I've been working just a little bit harder since I came back from CA. It turns out going out west helped me to put a lot of things in perspective. Namely, I'm not going to get *anywhere* unless I apply myself to certain things. So, I've been a bit more dogged on following through with things I've wanted to do. I've worked harder at the Bookshop, I've been writing more frequently, I've been reading more thoughtfully (even taking notes, thanks to [ profile] musewoozle), and thinking a bit more about stuff. Unfortunately, most of the essays I had been working on were on my now defunct laptop, so I'm going to have to start them all over. No matter, just need to sit down and do them. They needed revising anyway.

For everyone who had wandered away from Boomer Express during the year-and-a-half long first storyline, take heart. Now that it's over and we've learned some valuable lessons, we're going to take another stab at it. Yeah, it had wandered quite far from its original concept, but I think the effects of the first story can be married to it quite well. I'll be writing for it starting next week, and right now there are a few guest strips from fans of the comic. Stop on by and pick up with us. At least give us a chance. Plleeeease? :)

I'm writing a small 'manifesto' for the comic before I send the first batch to Tyrnn. A lot of the rockiness in our collaboration stems from fundamentally different ideas on how the comic should look and feel, and I want to try and resolve these things. Ya see, Tyrnn's background is very anime inspired, while I've been steeped in Gaiman, Whedon, Baldwin, D. C. Simpson and even Grant Morrisson. When I write comics, these are the influences I bring to the table; introspective, wordy, subtle quiet humor and thick characters (make of that adjective what you will). Tyrnn's style of writing and pacing is a lot more breezy, with a lot more action and comedy and lightness. I really dig it...but we haven't found the right blend to complement each other yet. I think it's there, we just have to learn not to step on each other's toes whilst doing the dance. It ain't easy, because kangaroo feet are very large.

Been writing quite a bit of poetry too, in anticipation of my submission to Poesia's contest. I think I have the three picked out, but I'm still preening at the words, making sure they all lay right. I really ought to work on them more, but it seems I'm only inspired when I'm at work, so I'm tempted to take my little book, hide in various nooks and crannies, and po out to my heart's content. But then my conscience tugs at me, and I just can't bring myself to do it. I get off a bit early today, so maybe I'll scratch at it both before and during the Drawing Circle.

Mini-golf story! Ryngs and I are playing our first round of golf in like, a month or so. I decide to make a friendly wager with him. First, it centered around food, but through a long negotiation and diplomacy process, we settled on acceptable terms of the deal. I won't go into detail about them, since they kind of involve other people, but we'll say the stakes were fair to middling.

Right off the back, I find myself down three strokes, but manage to pull out to a tie by the ninth hole. Almost immediately afterwards, I'm a hole up, but by the time we're on hole 15, Ryngs pulls ahead by a stroke. Then, on the 18, I make a hole in one, so we tie. It's time for the three-hole playoff, which the mini-golf place graciously afforded us because they rock.

The first two holes we're neck and neck, but by the third hole the pressure gets to Ryngs and he just kind of...implodes. He gets the hole in four strokes, I get it in two. I win!

"Wait," the silver-tongued devil says. "Double or nothing!" Since we're both compulsive gamblers, I accept.

We play out three more holes; the first hole we're still neck and neck. By the second hole, I miss a short putt to chop my lead in half. On the last hole, he sinks it in one. I totally choke, make the hole in three, effectively losing. He came back from two strokes down to beat me by one.

I was so kicking myself.

No worries, though; since we're gracious winners (something about Fire signs) we made a little deal, so that both ends of the bet will be carried out simultaneously. Ryngs went upstairs to have a heart attack, and I went in to make some baked beans and a grilled cheese sandwich. Too much cheese on mine, though.

Also saw...Mythbusters and Big last night. Man, those shows are addictive. I love that one dude, without the beret. He's adorable. :D

I think I've finally figured out a story to tell for the campfire this weekend! I'm nicking bits of a dream I find particularly frightening (sorry, dear [ profile] toob) , a little bit of folklore I know about the area, and some things I just find particularly neat about evil faeries. I don't know how scary it'll be, but hopefully it'll be good. I've always wanted to tell a story orally; completely different delivery, so you have to pace it accordingly. I don't know how well it'll come out, but I'm excited and glad I get to do it among friends first. <:) Mmm, on second thought I might skip the Drawing Circle tonight. I have no money at all and I'm supposed to phone someone. <:) Either way, work beckons.

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