May. 21st, 2004

jakebe: (raven)
After several botched attempts and high-profile failures (the most notable being MFF, where I begged Sylvan for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant only to scarf chicken in his face minutes later), I've decided that I'm just not allowed to become vegetarian at this moment in time.

The reason? Simple: I like meat too much to give it up. Chicken? Yum. Beef? All right! The previous aversion to pork still stands, though.

Everything dies, yes it does. Killing animals and eating them once they're dead isn't necessarily a contradiction towards living a peaceful lifestyle; making sure that proper dues are given to that bovine-avian-porcine-miscellaneous brethren is where it counts.

Tomorrow, I will celebrate by drinking a meat smoothie.


May. 21st, 2004 04:55 pm
jakebe: (raven)
Going to Louisiana, yes I am, so if you don't see me this weekend you'll know why.

Note: To all the folks that I owe something to (Blackfeather, Tyrnn, Spiritwolf, 2), yes everything will be done on time. I should have BE and Furry News done by Saturday, story critiques and "Grey Warming Over" by my return on Sunday evening. This of course means replacing sleep with caffeine, but it's worth it to see Hethe graduate. :D

And I'm off.

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