May. 20th, 2004

jakebe: (raven)
Another week at work, more progress on the computer there. But first, other things.

Matt, our resident General Literature/LanguageArt/Reference guy, is getting married to our previous Gen. Lit. girl (Katy) and moving to New York. He's officially quit, but he still comes in occassionally to make up hours. His leaving so early is news to me, as is the fact that Don and Charles aren't hiring anyone to replace him. So, once again, we're kind of understaffed and Erika, our History girl, is expected to pick up the slack. I don't think that's possible. I've offered to take Art and Interior Decorating off of her hands, so I'll have most of the front room *and* Religion, Philosophy, Gardening, Occult, Eastern Religion, Nature, Travel, South America, Oceana, and...a sick amount of other sections. I should post a full list of everything I have one of these days. <:) Anyway, things should be getting even busier there. :P The computer, as far as I've been able to determine, is unsavable. :/ The viruses that we had ate their way into a lot more of the computer than I knew, and when Delphi did a soft install there was this specific file that kept coming back. Delphi also left me a bit of info on our specific connectivity problem that I didn't know before, so I think between completely re-installing Windows *and* fiddling with TCP/IP and IPX/SPX settings we should be back on by the end of the day tomorrow. Charles has done a complete 180 from "We're probably dropping Internet sales." to "It's *got* to be back up soon, David!", so it looks like occassional(hah!) LiveJournaling and MUCKing from work is safe for now. :) In other news, "Grey Warming Over" is nearly done in its first draft, but I need to revise the first half before I actually polish it off. After that, I'd better keep plugging away until I finish it. I'll try working on it this evening, and reading stories that folks have sent, at work. Hopefully it'll be slow, but I don't really mind if it ain't. I've got a lot on my plate right now, and I'm trying to make sure that what I supply keeps up with demand, without burning myself out. I'm a lazy bastard when you get right down to it, and it takes me a while to get going, but hopefully once I've got up good speed I can maintain that for a little while. I'm good. <:) I feel really good, despite being so headless-chicken-y as of late. I'm slightly burned out, but it's a really good kind of tired, I guess. I have a lot of people who I just don't even deserve to be friends with pulling for me, and it's amazing how much that helps. I feel very grateful, and honestly ashamed that I can't be there for people the way folks have been there for me. It's all very humbling. And now, laundry.

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