Feb. 25th, 2004

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[livejournal.com profile] skyfox was driving me to see him in a production of "Footloose" some time ago when I heard none other than John Tesh use this to describe music on his radio show. I don't know why, but he's become cool for me in the kitsch way that Tom Jones and Neil Diamond are cool. Completely square but totally comfortable. Rock on, John.

I've been getting more and more into soft melodic music; the new stuff from Sarah McLachlan has blown me away, completely. I also got my first taste of Norah Jones via VH1 and really liked what I heard. When I'm not quite so broke I'll have to see if I can score a copy of "Come Away With Me" or "Feels Like Home." I've also been listening to a lot of Ani Difranco and Nelly Furtado, even though she's not exactly mellow. Oh, and Loreena McKennitt. For some reason, McKennitt's a really good bellows the fires of imagination. Like Enya. Man, I must be needing estrogen something bad. :)

When I get into quiet, melancholic, contemplative moods I notice that my tastes in music changes drastically. In addition to my own personal Lilith Fair I've been listening to the K-Pax Soundtrack and "Everything In It's Right Place," a collection of Radiohead music re-imagined for solo piano by Christopher Whaley. "Let Down" is my personal favorite.

I've been riding this wave that takes me between the feeling that nothing matters, and all action I take is futile to this surge of emotion that can only be described as the optimism of doing your best no matter whether it's hopeless or not. There's this conflict between "Why bother?" and "I *have* to." that always surprises me. It's nice to know I still feel deeply.

The collection agency called me again at work today, even though I've been trying to get a hold of *them* for the past week now. I now have another number to try along with a personal extention, so that's progress. My tax refund still hasn't shown in my bank account. I'm hoping against hope that this will all be sorted out and I'll be able to save it; we belong together, after all.

In the meantime, I'm hunkering down for some extremely lean living all month. I'm not exactly in dire straits, but it's more "how to live on $20 a week" type stuff that's good to know and not really have a problem with pulling off. Besides, I'm saving up to go to a freaking convention, so it's all voluntary...more or less. ;)

Adric came to me with the answer to the 'bosomy hills of Iowa' question. <:) I shall buy him cookies at some point. Sometimes I think I...ignore him a bit much, but really he just has bad timing. <:) I'll make an effort to go visit him. Oh, and Delphi, a night with you, in a dimly lit room, with hot buttered jazz playing in the background...sounds like a treat. ;) Let me know what time is good for you. And that's it. I *think* my mental/vocal diarrhea is stemmed for now. Well...maybe not. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really think of melancholy as a bad thing, though...I suppose it is. I've gotten so used to it being around that I'm just as content when I'm down as I am when I'm up. If that makes any sense. It's like...I very very rarely get actually depressed these days; maybe it's more...wistful, or down, or...heavy, still, quiet. I feel like a rainy day.

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