Feb. 14th, 2004

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You know, it's useless holding grudges. Much more stress than it's worth.

Today is Valentine's Day! I don't have anyone to celebrate it with, but that's all right. :) I'm sending off presents to folks; hopefully the shipping won't be too much of a beast. I mean, they're already late but erm...yeah. :) Hopefully folks will like them.

Odis' game was a clusterfuck and a half, I swear to God I have never rolled that many 1's in my entire life. Nikon showed a surprising affinity for blowing shit up, Odis used my IC mom against me and we ended up kind of pissing Hades off...and even after all that, our mission wasn't exactly a success. So we have to go *back* and face Artemis; even though nothing really...bad happened, I don't think She'll be terribly pleased. I have to admit, we were in over our heads, maybe not physically per se, but definitely emotionally. I'll have to work on a summary of the past two games tomorrow, or something.

Today! I plan on...writing up Wednesday's Changeling game, finishing a few snail-letters, catching up on e-mail, writing more of Grey Warming Over, and hopefully I'll get to see a movie or two in there somewhere. <:) On your mark, get set...GO.

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