Feb. 2nd, 2004

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This was quite the eventful weekend.

Rozberk, Kamber and Tart Kitten all came down for a fun little romp before retreating back to KC (and PA, and Memphis) to batten down the hatches for a lot of snow. In a lot of ways, I am very jealous of the north, because they get snow and we don't. I want to give Ryngs payback one day.

There was drama, but it's been covered quite well in other people's LiveJournals so I won't even dare touch it. Besides, it's probably best to cultivate the whole idea of non-opinionation. "What? Dramadrama. OK, sure, sorry to hear that."

Man, the Super Bowl was AWESOME! I know people hate it because it's so stereotypically jocky and a consumer's nightmare and blahdeblahblahblah, and people protest it in all sorts of ways, but when you get right down to it, it was so much fun. The commercials were a wee bit disappointing this year, but the game itself more than made up for it! The Patriots were precise, experienced, unflappable. The Panthers were passionate, determined, and...played like they wanted it, *despite* all the mistakes. Good job to both of them, I nearly screamed myself hoarse during that *85* yard TD pass. Dude. That was the shit. :)

Best quote of the night: "That just goes to show you that the North *always* wins." Say what you want about Das, but he can come up with something to floor people at just the right moment. ;)

I also got sucked into Survivor: All-Stars last night, and almost instantly it became a guilty pleasure. I've never watched previous editions but I know a good bit of the faces enough to develop a liking for a few. I can definitely see the appeal; me and Sherri are going to tape the episodes and watch them over the weekend. Something tells me it's only going to get better from here on in, especially since...wow, these guys have been given *nothing* to do anything with.

Now it's back to the daily grind; I left the mysteriously angry coworker a letter and so either he'll talk to me about it or he won't. Either way, I get to be tense going in. After that, things should be...OK, I'm pretty good at directing ruffled energy elsewhere.

There might be a chance of making PMP after all, even if it is a bit slim. At this point I'm not sure it would be a good idea from a financial standpoint, but it's just so much fun...

The folks around here at NARFA have something they call Hell Month; it's kind of an atheist nod to the tradition of Lent. For the month of February, we all give up something important to us, just to, you know, toughen resolve, improve ourselves in some small way, and well, just to do it. ;) Since I'm a self-denial junkie of sorts of course I've signed up, and I've decided to give up fast food and sweets for the month. I kind of cheated like hell yesterday, so today is the straggler's start. ;)

Beyond that, not much going on. I absolutely *need* to get a lot of writing done this week; there's a Changeling game on Wednesday that I haven't even started and I'll be playing in a medieval/fantasy LARP on Saturday as an herbalist satyr. I won't have a costume this time around, but I'm looking forward to playing regardless.

Work for me.

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