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I know I've talked about this a little bit, but this is my first semester back in college. Here in CA we have this great program that lets us take 60 credits of underclassman work at a community college, with the guarantee that there's an Associate's Degree at the end of it and all of those credits will transfer to any state university as long as we meet the other criteria for acceptance. Right now I'm enrolled half-time at Mission College; the plan is to take two courses during the Fall and Spring semesters, and one course in Winter and Summer. Some time in 2018, I'll have an Associate's Degree with the intent to transfer to San Jose State University so I can get my Bachelor's in Psychology.

I'm very excited about the opportunity. At the same time, I realize that working a demanding full-time job while going to school half-time is no joke; I'm really going to have to step up my game with both in order to make sure I excel at both endeavors. This means getting better with time management, and taking a hard look at hobbies and other extraneous activities in order to prioritize the things that mean the most. In addition to the effort made to keep on top of work training and classwork, I'll need to spend a significant amount of energy trimming the fat off of my time. That's a lot harder than I anticipated. But isn't that always the case?

Anyway, I haven't had much time for writing, which I deeply regret. I'm trying to make my way back towards that, because I at least would like to keep the Patreon going through my school career. I'm also learning how to write better and more clearly, and it would be lovely to put those skills to use over at The Writing Desk. When I've managed to juggle my work, class and writing commitments, I would love to use that blog for the occasional polished non-fiction essay regarding the writing process, mental health, and politics.

I've always wanted for this LiveJournal to be a bit more than a repository for The Writing Desk essays. I miss having a place to put more unstructured thoughts on a more regular basis; an online diary that I can use to work through a few things. LiveJournal has been amazing for that in the past, and I'd love to take that up again. So here goes. I'd like to write here every day, with at least a listing of my three goals for the day; the three things I'm most grateful for; and three ways I will practice mindfulness. If there is time, I'll also try to be more attentive with my friends' feed. Fostering a community is a wonderful thing, and if I can contribute to that here, so much the better.

To Do:
1. Finish reading and annotating my English assignment.
2. Read chapter 6 of my Social Psychology text and participate in that discussion.
3. Run 3 miles out on the street.

1. I'm grateful for my anti-depressants and ADHD medication; I would not have a prayer of doing any of this without them.
2. I'm so, so grateful for my husband and the fact that I will get to hug him tomorrow night.
3. I'm grateful for my Clear Thinking in Writing class, which is providing me the tools I need to sharpen my writing.

1. I will be mindful of my anxiety and take quick steps to calm down when I notice it arising.
2. I will be mindful of my focus, and gently bring myself back to my work when I've strayed.
3. I will be mindful of my word, and make sure I mean the things I say and follow through on the agreements I've made.

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