Nov. 2nd, 2016

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Word Count: 498.

Yesterday was English day; for my "Clear Thinking in Writing" class, I have to read and annotate a chapter of the textbook and several chapters of To Kill A Mockingbird at least. There are frequently additional essays to be read or written. What's interesting is I keep hearing how that's a reasonably light load for an English class, and that may be true. But with everything else, it sure does feel like a lot!

I happened to mention my intent to pursue a degree in Psychology, and that uncovered three psych professionals in the class! One of them is a psychiatric nurse in an institution, and she says it's mostly difficult because she's on her feet all day; the people are fine as long as you take the time to understand them. One of them, however, is a counselor to combat veterans at the VA hospital in Palo Alto. We hit it off almost immediately, and he was brimming with enthusiasm for his job and full of some really great advice. He strongly encouraged me to pursue a career in counseling instead of outreach like I had planned and talked about his experiences. He was *quite* persuasive, so now I'll have to look into how to gear my college career towards that to see how good of a fit it is.

Anyway, it turns out the final draft of a paper was due last night and I *completely* spaced on it. My professor was nice enough to let me turn it in late, but there'll be a few points off for every day I delay. I'm fairly confident I can knock it out this evening, but it's still one of those things I'm kicking myself about. I think I can make up the penalty on the essay with extra points and by acing the class presentation and final exam, but damnit! I should be more on the ball.

In addition to that emergency final draft, there's the usual annotations, *another* essay and one of three "midterms" for my Social Psychology class all due. It's going to be a bit of a job getting to all of that, but I'll just have to push my nose to the grindstone and work it out.

The first "meeting" with Lettie Mae and Devon -- the two characters in my short story -- went pretty well. I think the exposition is a little long, especially for the length I'm going for, but I won't really know that until I'm done with the first draft. Still, the pre-writing I've done ahead of time really helped me out here; there were surprises, but they didn't throw me. They were just parts of the character that I hadn't explored yet. Lettie Mae in particular feels consistent, grounded. I really enjoy spending time with her.

Today I'll be working on the final draft of my English essay, coming up with a thesis for my next one, and trying to have 1,000 words done for this short story. Get to it, let's do it!

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